Not your usual wedding assignment

September 27, 2009

photograph by Arthur Fink

photograph by Arthur Fink

Local Sprouts catering hired me — not to photograph the wedding itself, but to document them at work preparing and serving food at this elegant wedding.  Starting with all the “prep” cooking of local organic food in their Portland kitchen, I then followed them to the wedding tent, and mostly their temporary kitchen in a nearby house.

What a joy it was to watch this energetic and talented crew.   And the wedding guests?  Well, I wasn’t photographing their smiles or contentment, or recording the praise they lavished on the entire Local Sprouts crew.

For me, this is photography as story telling — What I do at weddings, in a dance studio, or on any other assignment.

4 Responses to “Not your usual wedding assignment”

  1. Tony said

    So… I agree that it looks cool, but the cook in me needs to know what’s going on. It looks like a very egg-yolky mixture being poured on. What is that? Some kind of cooked dressing? Is it still warm? (The lettuce certainly suggests that FURTHER cooking is not going to happen… at least I hope not.) And what is the white stuff? Chicken? Mozzarella? Bread crumbs? All three?

  2. Arthur Fink said

    It’s a white fish (not sure which one), sitting on lettuce, with tomatoes on top, and the cook is pouring (“drizzling”, I think is the word they use) Hollandaise sauce on top. No — no further cooking! That’s the best I can do on process. But I did get a taste, and can report that it was great (if not 100% heart safe).

  3. Well, it certainly looks tasty 🙂

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