Choosing how we spend our time

September 29, 2009

I was at a photography show, met a friend and talked about the creative work I’m doing, and about the creative work she’s not doing, and about art and spirit and about love of teaching, and about  living passionately in our lives and about creativity and activismand about creating art.

Then we drifted into talk about politics and the CIA and rendition, and — here’s the point of this  — then we looked at each other and said, “This is not what we want to talk about here”.

And yet we drift into avoiding those subject, and those hard questions, that mean the most to us.  How do we keep ourselves on track — which may be on the difficult track?

One Response to “Choosing how we spend our time”

  1. Dear Arthur,

    This is a great observation. I, too, see myself and others using any opportunity and any means to distract my/ourselves from what really would be important to do. Television, radio, small-talk, cell-phone, computer, i-pod. You name it, we use it for that purpose.

    The question, though, is: What is important?

    I am not sure what is the chicken here, and what is the egg. Since we don’t know what is important, it’s easy to find distraction. Since we are distracted we never get to the point where we would at least start to look for an answer to this question…

    The foundation of my belief-system is that we humans are the tools the Universe uses to continue the development of this creation – we are the Tools of the Universe! (if you like, see the following and more articles about this idea here:

    This idea serves as a pretty good guide for me to determine what is important, and what not. I’m not saying this would work for everybody, but only, that it does for me…

    Looking forward for more interesting postings!


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