White noise, sugar candy, or …? I’m listening.

October 14, 2009

Writing this blog has been engaging and fun.  It’s been three weeks of heart felt sharing, often about topics in business or technology that are often not heartfelt.  I feel like I’m “on a roll” with much more to explore  — and write.

But, first, I want to listen to you — if you’ll take the time to write.  What attracts you to this blog, leads you to take time reading it?  Do you find yourself checking the titles and reading only some pieces, or delving into almost every adventure?  Is it useful in some particular way.  Or, what do you want to tell me that might not fit as a response to any of the other posts?

This blog is set up so that the first response by any of you requires my approval.  After that your responses will be accepted without my intervention. That may slow down the discussion as first, but appears to be good practice.

I deliberately chose not to do a survey here.  That would have me defining the questions very tightly.  This invitation is much more open ended.

2 Responses to “White noise, sugar candy, or …? I’m listening.”

  1. Bill Roche said

    Arthur – There are several things I like about your blog. First of all, your writing is completely authentic. I have the sense that we’re really getting to read what you think. You’re direct and to-the-point. No circumlocutions. Your “take on things” forthrightly and intelligently. This is a rare sort of writing, not very easy to find on the web these days or anywhere for that matter.

    I enjoy the fact that you don’t take things at face value, but probe beneath the surface to come up with interesting/intriguing insights, conclusions and judgments.

    In terms of subject matter, I find it all readable and engaging. I enjoy your writing about usability — an important subject in today’s ever more complex society. I, too, value simplicity and usability (as I stare at my TV remote control in abject fear that I will mistakenly hit one of its 24 buttons (I only use 4 of them, EVER!) and not be able to undo whatever I did.

    I especially liked your piece on “Fear of Change” and thought it offered an insightful explanation of the how change impacts people.

    From my perspective, I’ve not run across anything on your blog that I’ve found UNinteresting. I think it’s safe to assume that if there’s a topic you’re interested in, you’re likely to find interested readers for it in the blogosphere.

    So, all in all, it seems to me that your blog is first-rate, providing a lot of value (insight, new knowledge, enlightening and enjoyable writing for its readers, and more). I would encourage you to keep on writing. You can count on me as a loyal reader.

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