How do you add value to your clients?

October 26, 2009

“What business are you in, and how to you add value to your clients?”

That’s the key question I want to ask of new prospects for my consulting services, and for my commercial photography as well.

For coaching (which I prefer to call “clarifying”), the question is turned around: “How can I help you add value to your life?”

In both cases, what matters is not what each of us does, but how it adds value. “What do you do?” as a question may bring a quick simple answer, but rarely the kind of thoughtful and searching response that, “How do you add value …?” or “How can I add value to you?” can provoke.

A good accountant doesn’t just enter transactions, balance the accounts, and prepare reports.  He or she can keep their client in touch with the flow of money and debt within the organization, enable more accurate forecasting and planning, make the financial realities of the organization visible to all he need to understand them.  (They may be other ways value is added, as well.)

How do you add value?  And how can I add value to you?

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