Birthing is a dance

November 3, 2009

Arthur Fink - Birthing a dance 3911

4 Responses to “Birthing is a dance”

  1. Barbara Carey said

    That’s one hell of a dance, in my opinion. Nice concept, but except for the unltimate product, give me the fox trot or the cha-cha-cha!

    Reminds me of a friend who told me her husband told her he thought he understood the pain of childbirth because he had once had really bad tennis elbow. This comment has not set well with most women with whom I’ve shared it.

    I like metaphors, but please! Some modicum of reality!

  2. Arthur Fink said

    No, certainly can’t speak from experience, but should explain that the shoret text in this ad (which was prepared for a childbirth resource book) was derived from the introduction to my ‘Dance!’ book:

    Being in the studio as dances are created, or even as dancers prepare themselves, feels like being in a delivery room as children are being born. Amidst pain or anguish, tempered with rhythm and support, and bolstered with faith, new life emerges. It’s physical, sometimes sensual, often spiritual. Too often this process is ignored, as image makers look only at the final result — the dance.

  3. Ah I would totally agree that birth is a dance, but the dance I know is much different, than the contorted view above. 🙂

    • Arthur Fink said

      Responding to Robin’s comment:

      Uups! I didn’t mean to suggest in any way that the dance depicted was THE dance of child birth, or even a position of childbirth.

      It’s a picture of A DANCE, perhaps vaguely suggestive of birth, but to anybody who knows it’s quite different.

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