Sadness . . . that Maine’s same gender marriage law was overthrown, and about how this was done

November 7, 2009

DSCN1289-cropMost of the articles in this blog are practical, utilitarian, encouraging.  I’ve not wanted to put forward political views, or other such advocacy.

But I can’t hide my sadness at the recent election, in which Maine voters overthrew the law that would have allowed same gender marriages.  I know couples who feel locked out, discounted, marginalized.  And as rights are denied to a few (or more than a few), all of us suffer. All of us!  I’d love to believe that  on the highway, “Maine – The way life should be”.

Here are some of my concerns:

  • Putting basic civil right up for majority vote is questionable to begin with.  Voters should set policy, choose public servants — but not decide whether all people can be treated equally.
  • The campaign to overturn same gender marriage was based on an appeal to fears — fear that an imagined “agenda” would overtake our society, fear that our children would become homosexuals, and — strangest of all  — fear that our heterosexual marriages would somehow be weakened were same gender marriage to be approved.  In fact, a conservative columnist writing in the Portland Press Herald recently thanked Mainers for “defending marriage”.  I want to ask , “defended it against what?”.
  • The law that was overthrown in Maine would not have required any church to conduct same gender marriage.  It simply recognized that as one option for civil marriages, or for churches that wanted to marry such a couple.
  • The campaign to overthrow the law was largely overwritten by the Catholic Church, and by outside organizations.  Names of donors should, by law, have been disclosed,  but were not.  And for the Catholic church to intrude in the private lives of non-Catholics is just plain wrong.

Clearly, there’s a need for a strategic analysis of how best to make the right of marriage available to all Mainers — indeed, to all Americans.  But, right now, I just find myself mourning the denial of that right in this brutal election.

2 Responses to “Sadness . . . that Maine’s same gender marriage law was overthrown, and about how this was done”

  1. Michelle said

    Thank you, Arthur.

    What the opponents of same-sex marriage truly fail to see is that they are the ones hurting children – the children of same-sex couples.

  2. Nice Post said

    Nice to see you make a post on this topic, I need to bookmark this site. Just keep up the good work.

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