Listening with love

November 27, 2009

Can we hear each other with Love, searching to find the truth — perhaps even  the Divine Inspiration — in each message we read on-line, or that we hear in person?

When we fail to find truth in a message that is important to us, can we still sit with it, listen or pray for guidance, and search carefully for the best response that is possible from us?

Can we feel the pain of those whose views, which may not be “popular” views and with which we may not agree, are treated with derision or scorn?

Can we create in each encounter the same community of  love and respect that we seek to create in other aspects of our lives?

One Response to “Listening with love”

  1. In deed great questions yet again Arthur.

    And its in the ‘practice’ of our own loving, respectful communication within ourselves which nourishes and brings re-freshment to these muscles of our social behavior.

    Can we hear, feel, and honor the whole truth and process of who we are individually ?

    Herein lies the manna of compassion – the re membering who we are,why we are here, and having the tools to choose how we are here. Big picture.

    — Aaiyn Foster

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