Twitter is not Trivial

December 14, 2009

I’ll confess — For years, I regarded Twitter as a trivial exercise — couldn’t understand why I’d want to reduce my deep thoughts to tiny 140 character sound bites.  And when I joined Twitter, I could find some of those trivial tweets — many of them, in fact.

But I also found a pleasant surprise — lots of real content.  Some are just nuggets of wisdom, some are self-promotion well done.  And I’ve begun to write such myself.

This morning I sat on the boat from our island into town drafting seven such tweets.  Here they are:

  • Wanted: Creative projects, where deep questions, grounded in design thinking and spirit rich vision can bring insight, clarity, and results.
  • Real consultants listen more than they talk, have more questions than answers or solutions, cogitate, enjoy collaboration, bring value.
  • “What are we trying to do here?” Amazing how seldom this question stays on the table.
  • Listening is the key. Not talking. Not responding. Not correcting or interrupting. Listening is the key.
  • I’ve rarely met a problem that I understood at first. Yes, I had insights, possible answers, but it was bigger than I understood or imagined.
  • My key question in interviewing possible employees: What’s an interesting “mistake” that you made, and what did you learn from it?
  • A team that always agrees — deprives itself of joyful and creative diversity.

2 Responses to “Twitter is not Trivial”

  1. wanted: creative collaborators who ask deep questions, ground/surround themselves in design and composition, enriched with spirit and vision, to bring their full attention to projects of insight and clarity…

    • Arthur Fink said

      Thanks you, Katherine Ferrier!

      I couldn’t resist trying to post this on Twitter, but had to shorten a little:

      Seek collaborators who ask deep questions, ground selves in design & composition, enriched with spirit & vision; engage w. insight & clarity

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