Not all money is green

January 28, 2010

An important lesson for any professional to learn is that not all money is green.  There are some clients you just don’t want as clients, and the sooner you learn to turn them away the better. Some lack integrity, others don’t really want advice, guidance, or collaboration. Others don’t know how to work respectfully with professionals.

Yes, the sooner you move away from them (even if at some cost), and cast you lot with great clients, the more you’ll prosper and enjoy life.

2 Responses to “Not all money is green”

  1. Sharon said


    I believe that you are doing the client a *favor*… it in the mirror of a relationship that we can really learn 🙂

  2. Paul said

    I have always figured that even though some clients may be harder to work with than others, there is a certain rate at which money “becomes green”–so to speak–for everyone. For instance, what about charging someone $1,000.00 per hour to do a bunch of really stupid counter-productive stuff that he finds valuable? You come home at the end of the day with $8,000 of his money and a good story.

    Then there are people who are a joy to work with and you can charge them your regular rates.

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