I ask strong questions, listen carefully, create, communicate. This can take several forms:

  • Work with nonprofits – Insight and Clarity for non-profit boards

Consulting and coaching on mission, focus, structure, vision. Help with board retreats, mission statements, governance, internal conflicts, outreach, social media

General business and marketing advice.  User interface design,  usability consulting, and information architecture.  Computer assertiveness training. Nurturing the soft side of technology. Expertise advice on the use of Progress® Software, on database management, and on the virtues of simplicity.

I prefer to call this “clarifying” — as I ask questions, and dont tend to offer lots of advice. The work is user-centered. My questions and observations will help you find insight and clarity.

I’m best known for my images of dancers at work, in class, creating, just being.  But I do lots of other documentary photography — including weddings, other events, and workplace stories.

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