I ask questions.  Wherever I go, I ask questions.  And people tell me that my questions are illuminating, clarifying, engaging.  My questions can help you get to the core issues, the important concerns.  In answering these questions, people learn more about themselves, their beliefs, their fears, their agenda for action.

How do I find the right questions?  It comes from listening carefully, fully, compassionately.  All the experience that I’ve had as a consultant, artist, radio interviewer, manager, board member, fundraiser, activist, teacher, facilitator, parent, and friend — all these experiences, and more, inform my listening.

My questions can help you find insight, clarity, energy, and focus.  They should help clarify the tasks before you, as you define your agenda and program for action.  They add value to your life.

My work is often called “coaching”.  I prefer to call it “clarifying”, because it’s focused on you and your insights, rather than on any program I bring. That’s why I call this site, “InsightAndClarity.com”.

I’m available to help you.  Please contact me at  arthur@InsightAndClarity.com or  207.615.5722.   Let’s work together

I’m not a counselor or therapist, and I don’t consider my work as “treatment”.
I can be a catalyst for constructive change in your life, your work, your success.

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