This post was originally published  in December 2001, and is included here without changes.  Sadly,  I believe it is at least as relevant today as when it was written.

Kathleen Parkers recent column, “Even Pacifists Benefit From War” (11/30/2001), cries out for a response.  I write as a pacifist and a Quaker — and must say that I don’t benefit in any way from this war.

Part of my pacifism is spiritual and moral.  Believing, as a Quaker, that there is that of God in each person, I feel that killing — for any reason, in any situation — is wrong.  That means that war is wrong, regardless of the justification that may be offered.

As a religious pacifist, I must say “no thank you” to those who offer to fight this war in my name, with my tax money, and for my supposed benefit. There were so many lives lost (in New York, in Washington DC, and in Pennsylvania), and so many lives disrupted.  The war we are waging only adds to the carnage, and seriously disrupts many more lives.  I believe it is morally wrong, whether or not it offers any security benefit. Read the rest of this entry »